Cocktail Smoker

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Our Cocktail Smoker is carved from oak in our shop. It was designed based on similar designs that I've seen. They are carved out individually on our cnc router and than the horseshoe crab is laser engraved on the lid. After many runs through this is the design I believe works best. The hole is the proper size to allow the right amount of smoke to be pushed through with a kitchen torch.  There is an indentation to place the screen in to keep it in place. I prefer this to other smokers that have screens with brims around the screen. They become hot and harder to handle. With this design the screen pops right out making it easy to rinse off.  We also give you 5 screens and they are also inexpensive and readily available online. The smoker also comes with 4 tins of wood chips. Hickory, Oak, Cherry and Alder.

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