About Us

We are a family business located right here in Delaware. We split our time between Dewey and Marydel, DE. We are a family of 4 with 2 small kids. We love raising them on the beach and in the woods near Marydel DE. 

My better half and myself are Delawareans, born and raised.  Both of our kids were born here and have grown up on Dewey Beach.  I dipped our daughter's toes in the ocean when she was just two weeks old, on an unseasonably warm February day. Watching our son in the water. It almost looks like he was born in the ocean. The beaches in Delaware were such a huge part of my childhood and growing up and we are so glad as parents to pass that along to our kids.  We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to growing our family business with you.

All of our products are made at our home based shop. The bigger equipment and tools are located in Marydel, but I also make many of the products when I'm here in Dewey. I do my level best to source as many materials from local businesses right here on Delmarva as I can. As our business grows my aim is to source  more and more materials locally.  Ultimately, I really want all of my products to come from raw materials that are made right here in the USA. It's a tall order but I believe it's worth giving it my best shot.

As we grow we will be offering products that are made specifically for our other coastal areas. Not just the resort beaches. Places like Broadkill, Bowers Beach, Slaughter Beach, Long Neck, etc.. If we get enough requests for specific areas. We'll be happy to offer products for those areas.